General Delegate
Click here to view or print about how to become a General Delegate

Corrections Facilities Committee
Click here to view or print the flyer about Prison Sponsorship by Mail
Click here to view or print the requirements to serve as CAIG CFC Chair

Intergroup Representative
Does your meeting have an Intergroup Representative? The Chicago Area Intergroup would like to have representatives from as many meetings as possible. Sobriety requirements are set by the Group Conscience of each individual meeting. If you are interested, talk to your group about representing them, then come to the next Intergroup meeting. CAIG meeting dates and details may be found on the back page of the current meeting list.

North Midwest Region
The North Midwest Region is seeking additional Representatives for CAIG.
Email for more information.

Sexaholics Anonymous
SA is looking for up to four Trustees who are NOT members of SA. A non-sexaholic Trustee will be a friend of SA, have a good understanding of Twelve Step programs, be convinced of the positive aspects and potential for recovery from sex addiction using the SA Twelve Step program, and be willing to uphold both the principles and the policies of the fellowship of SA, while providing experience from their own life skills.
Email for more information.

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